Silent Investment(s)  in  Real Estate  or  Energrids

Experienced in the administration of Real Estate, and best connected to the Real Estate market in Berlin,
our division "JURAD" ( administered by lawyers ) is able to support your silent investments in a transpa-
rent manner: All regulated activities, referring to tenancy law and building technology are outsourced to
autonomous specialists, and the financial administration is completely and continually transparent for
the investor(s) by an individual special power for your respective Real Estate banking account.

As we are your legal representatives, you are always free of changing the character of your investment
( new partners / selling a.s.o. ). The Berlin market in Real Estate is continuously accelerating, and there is enough safety for a good investment, if analyzed by our specialists.

The JURAD-group is represented by Hans Jochen Kittel, a longtime training supervisor for merchants
in Real Estate Administration, accredited by the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce (since 1987).

Our second field is investment in ENERGRID - the combination of latest energy-saving by elements of
renewable energy power as Crosswind, photovoltaics, biogas, geothermics, energy savings a.s.o., adapted to the individually given facts in the surrounding of business parks.

If interested in the acquisition of Real Estate, please describe the volume and character, you prefer: Volume: 5 Mio €; 10 Mio € or more, residential or, commercial building, industrial place  a.s.o. with the following attachment, also, if interested in paricipating in a future Ernergrid-project.


Hans Jochen Kittel.